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If you want access to an almost unlimited number of TV and radio channels on your computer… in just five minutes… without paying for cable or satellite service... this will be the most exciting message you will ever read!

Here is why:

It’s now possible to avoid the media monopolies completely and get “direct access” on your computer… without paying any cable or satellite company a dime.

This fascinating story began in a sleepy little river town in Illinois. You see, Illinois is now home to a freedom loving young computer genius from Australia that cable and satellite companies soon learned to hate with a vengeance. Why such animosity? The answer is simple. He has discovered a secret loophole that lets anyone with an internet connection get access to unregulated, uncensored and even banned channels from all over the world. The media giants are more than a little angry... because they haven’t figured out a way to control his discovery, but the first thing you should know is…

It’s 100% Legal And
Works Anywhere In The World!

That’s right. Despite that cable companies hate him so much, they can’t stop him because what he does is 100% legal. For privacy sake, let’s call him Marshall.

You see, Marshall and a group of technology experts spent close to two years developing a simple, easy-to-use computer service that legally “grabs” television channels from all over the world and sends them to your computer through the internet without hacking or cracking! Frankly, it’s pure genius.

And, with Marshall’s new channel “grabber”, you’ll now have access to stunning “must see” television channels from the U.S. and around the world! It’s a monster-sized list of over-the-top programming and includes:

Movies:A mountain of movie channels including action… comedy… romance… and just about any genre you like!

Sports: Can you even watch all these? Channels showing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and racing! Channels like ESPN News, EuroSports TV, GameSports TV, and Fox Network. There are channels for just about any sport you can think of, even sporting events usually available only on pay-per-view... like ultimate fighting, martial arts, wrestling, and boxing!

Music: The hottest music videos from all over the world! Some channels you should check out are Deejay TV, Festival TV, Ministry Of Sound, Party TV, and Club TV! And on top of that, you also have access to an astonishing list of 1,500 radio stations from around the world

Premium Channels:Includes “unexpected” programming from channels like the Comedy Central, MTV Overdrive, Euro TV, Discovery Channel, Broadway Network, Game Network, MovieStat Network, Adult Swim, National Geographic, Food Network, Rapture TV, and Vintage Cartoons. These could be channels you may be paying a lot of money for right now.

Educational: Some of the channels you should check out are Research TV, The Academic Channel, Global Country, Strawberry TV and The Baby Channel. You can even sit in on tons of classroom lectures and even college classes!

Astonishing Religious Selection: There’s a lot of programming here, probably more channels than you can get to in your entire life. Channels like: The Church Channel, Hope TV, Islam Channel, Kabbalah, Word Of God, and Vatican TV to name just a few!

Over 300 Conspiracy Videos: Easy access to over 300 cool conspiracy videos on every topic imaginable, all in a handy catagorized list in one convenient location, and all for free!

Shopping: You can shop from all around the world…right from your couch! Channels like Gems TV, Jewelry TV, Price-Drop TV, QVC, and Speed Auction. Some of these foreign shopping shows are a little off the wall, but they are perfect for finding unusual gifts!

News, Weather And Politics: Hundreds of channels with the latest news, weather and politics from all over the world… explosive, live and uncensored! There are countless channels of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS affiliates almost everywhere you can think of. This means if you’re from Texas but are visiting California, you can still tune in to your favorite local news station! And you’ll be more up to date than anyone you know... especially because…

You Can Watch Channels That You Can’t Get From Your Cable Or Satellite Provider... Even If...You Paid Them!

Click on the "mute" button above to listen in

That’s right. Many people don’t know the extent of this, but what you can watch on TV, cable, or satellite is very regulated and controlled by our government as well as foreign governments. There is a lot they don’t want you to see and, many things they don’t want you to ever know about. However, since this program picks up channels through the internet and not through regular TV, cable or satellite... you can now legally get access to these secret channels that you are actually not supposed to see!

For example, you can watch...

Health programs from around the world which offer very different methods of healing sickness and disease. This type of programming is forbidden in the U.S. You can also watch news from countries around the world which is too hot for U.S. audiences. And the best part is watching breaking news happen live as it unfolds, anywhere in the world.

Many of these channels you’ll have access to are from countries we are not very friendly with. However, you will have access to these channels and watching them will truly open your eyes to what’s REALLY going on in the world. Trust me… you’ll know more about the “truth” than almost anyone else you know!

There are also many other channels you’ll be able to watch that aren’t offered in the U.S... but really should be! For example, as I’m writing this I am watching a killer soccer match on Goal From Belgium... which shows the best soccer matches in the world, 24 hours a day! If you are a sports fan, you will really appreciate all the amazing channels like this one!

You can also watch TV in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and many other languages. In fact...

You Can Get Channels From 78 Countries Around The World!

If you have friends and relatives that speak a foreign language, they will have a blast with this! Especially anyone that was born in a foreign country... they can now once again watch their favorite shows from their home town that they grew up with… shows they love and miss so much!

And if you’re like me, you’ll have a great time discovering interesting and bizarre shows you never knew existed! In fact, even though some of the channels aren’t exactly HD quality... the very act of “exploring” is flat-out addictive.

Listen: There’s nothing quite like this TV “grabber” program anywhere on the planet. And you don’t need a sky card, smart card, satellite dish, digital box, receiver, or any cable or satellite service!


Team Of Geeky Experts
Creates Amazing List Of
Jaw-Dropping Video Feeds!

Here’s the fascinating story: Shortly after Marshall moved to the United States from Australia, he began to get suspicious of his cable company. They were charging him higher and higher prices every year. For quite some time, he felt he was being taken advantage of. Well, one day Marshall found out he was wrong. Instead, he discovered… almost EVERYONE with monthly TV fees is paying through the nose!

He read about this in a special report by one of America’s leading consumer groups (Consumer Federation Of America and Consumer’s Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports Magazine). The report said straight out that: “the primary reason that cable rates have skyrocketed in recent years is that cable companies are taking advantage of their monopoly power.”

In short, this means that they charge high prices, month after month, simply because they can!

Marshall thought otherwise. He hired a team of experts and spent two years developing an amazing alternative… without the high prices and high subscription fees! In fact, with this program…

Save A Fortune On Regular
Cable And Satellite Bills!

The way this computer program works is it basically communicates directly with the servers of TV stations from all around the world. Cable and Satellite are actually ‘middle-men’ between you and these servers… but with this computer program… the ‘middle-men’ are no longer needed! This also means you can watch many channels that the ‘middle-men’ don’t give you access to!

With the click of your mouse you choose the country you want to watch TV from. You can also choose a genre – be it movies, music, culture, education, news, politics, religion, shopping, sports, weather, or other categories you can choose from. Whatever you choose, the listings are in easy-to-read alphabetical order. All you do is click on the channel you want to watch and… it plays!

Just about anyone who uses this program finds it to be so interesting and so liberating, they can’t stop using it!

Watch Unlimited TV On Your PC
In Five Minutes Or Less!

But that’s not all. Obviously, this is no ordinary cable or satellite service. It allows folks with no computer skills whatsoever to turn their computer or laptop into a kind of high powered, digital satellite receiver in a matter of minutes.

It’s easy to order. Just click on the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of the page!

You’ll be taken to a 100% secure order page where you’ll be asked for your name and credit card details. Then, within only a few minutes… you’ll receive download instructions titled Free “Super TV” … in your email account!

How much does this program cost? The price is a one-time fee of only $49.95. That’s all you ever have to pay to watch all the channels forever and, this is pennies compared to what cable or satellite service can cost you month after month over many years.

One More Thing. It’s Important.

This program has become very popular with high school and college students. Too popular in fact! Some of it’s the video programming I’m sure, but I think that much of the popularity of the service among college kids lies in the music options. There is an amazing list of stations that makes these younger kids almost crazy. So crazy in fact…

Many Of Them Were Stealing The Service!

Here’s what happened. Once a few college kids found out about the software and our generous money back guarantee, they would order it, download it and then ask for a refund… all in a few seconds. Like clockwork. Guess what happened then? They would tell a friend, who would tell a friend and then the next thing you know the whole dorm had repeated the process. One night it was 293 downloads… all free.

With that in mind they changed the guarantee to an even more generous but conditional…

Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s what they mean by that. Simply use the service and start to watch all the programs you want and listen to all the radio you want for six months. You’ll enjoy all the updates, new channel additions and new programming during this time. (They’ll also surprise you with other free software downloads during your trial.) Then, after six months, if you do decide you would like a refund, simply contact customer service at 815-259-4552 or customersupport@grics.net to make your request. You’ll be given an immediate credit for $100.00 (double what you paid) towards any Solutions From Science product or products. It’s the strongest possible guarantee they could think of that would at least slow down the scammers.

Why would they do this? Why would Solutions From Science offer a “double” guarantee? Because they do not think that you will ask for a refund after six months. They think you are going to absolutely love the direct access “grabber” service… and they think once you try it…

You Will Be One Of Their
Customers For The Rest
Of Your Life!

It’s that simple. Thanks for reading this important message.

P.S. Does all this seem too good to be true? Well, that’s what I thought too until I checked out the company and then used the service myself. It all checks out. And yes it’s most definitely addictive. But there is the one little drawback I found and it’s this: All the channels seem to take about 5 seconds to load so it’s a little slower changing channels. That’s the catch. If you can live with that, this new software will blow your mind.

P.P.S. You should also know that you don’t have to worry about annoying pop-ups, spy ware or any of that nonsense when you order this software. And, your email address will be guarded like a pit bull guards his house.

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